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Functions of the nose

As part of the respiratory system, the nose serves several functions. The nose is the organ of smell and a main passageway for air into and out of the lungs. The nose warms, moistens, and cleans the air before it enters the lungs.
The nose acts as the body’s first line of defense by filtering the air before it comes into contact with the lungs. This is one of the important factors for breathing through the nose that is bypassed during mouth-breathing. The nose has many small hairs inside the nostrils. These hairs serve to filter the air and remove dirt and particles before it enters the lungs. Mucus additionally aids in the protection of the lungs by trapping foreign particles that come into contact with it during normal breathing. Moreover, hair-like structures called cilia, evacuate the impurities and polluted mucous toward the front of the nose or down the throat which are subsequently spat or swallowed. Nasal washouts, regular nose blowing and sneezing help remove the particles out of the body.