Sinomarin & Children
 Babies - obligate nose breathers



The majority of children are developmentally able to blow their own nose by age 2. However, while breathing in and out is a natural, instinctive ability, blowing in and out –either through the mouth or the nose– is a learned behavior. Most children are not interested in blowing their own nose. They are perfectly content keeping their nasal secretions to themselves.

Children are more exposed and susceptible to ear and respiratory infections than are adults, particularly as they are in close contact with each other in playschools, playgrounds, etc.. Mucous traps an important number of germs that must be removed in order to prevent ear and respiratory infections. It is therefore necessary to teach children how to blow their noses from an early age.

Whether for daily hygiene or during outbreaks of nasal congestion, Sinomarin® hypertonic seawater solution will act to prevent or help infections spread or persist.

For your child's delicate nose use: Sinomarin® Children 100ml spray