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What is Sinomarin®?

Sinomarin® is a 100% natural, hypertonic seawater solution. It is the first and only complete line of hypertonic sea water solutions with a concentration of Sodium Chloride (NaCl) of 2.3% that provides safe and effective nasal decongestion in addition to nasal washout.

The seawater of Sinomarin® is derived from a seawater source at Cancale near Saint Malo, France, where other well-know seawater nasal products also use to draw water from. It is one of the few seawater sources operating under the license and control of the French Water Authorities and satisfying the standards imposed by the French Ministry of Health. The seawater is thus unquestionably pure and its quality guaranteed.

Sinomarin® is a CE-Mark-bearing medical device holding a patent in key territories. It is composed of 70% seawater and 30% purified water thus resulting in a concentration of 2.3% NaCl. Sinomarin® thus also contains a higher concentration of mineral salts and trace elements than isotonic seawater solution or physiological saline solutions (that do not contain any).

The composition of Sinomarin® is:



NaCl 23,00
Sulfates 2,30
Magnesium 1,04
Calcium 0,31
Potassium 0,42
Zinc traces
Copper traces

Sodium Chloride Concentrations (NaCl)

Concentrations of other mineral salts

Sinomarin® does NOT contain preservatives or CFC's.
Sinomarin® is classified as non-irritant by the University of Bordeaux.