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How does Sinomarin work?

Sinomarin® is a 100% natural hypertonic seawater solution that contains 2.3% salt (NaCl) i.e. 23g/l. Since the natural tonicity of nasal tissues is 0.9%, this difference causes a natural osmotic effect. Osmosis is a natural process that occurs in all living cells. The water flows by diffusion from areas of low salt concentration, to areas with high salt concentrations through a semipermeable membrane, until the tonicity of both sides of the membrane is equalized.

The hypertonic solution thus, in contact with the nasal mucosa, will act by drawing-out excess water from the mucous membranes, thus reducing the space the swollen tissues occupy in the nasal cavities in addition to diluting the viscous, sticky mucous that has accumulated. Moreover, Sinomarin® helps cleanse the nasal cavities, flushing out dust, debris, pollutants, allergens, germs and excess mucus from the nose and sinuses which can lead to sinonasal blockage and infection.


The salt (NaCl) content in the hypertonic solution is responsible the osmotic effect. Because Sinomarin® consists of 70% seawater; it preserves the sea’s trace elements and mineral salts that are responsible for actions such as anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, etc. These trace elements are not present in physiological saline solutions.

In addition to its osmotic effect, it has been demonstrated scientifically that, the tiny hair-like projections called cilia which are responsible for moving mucous and dirt particles away from the nose, and are found to dysfunction under certain conditions, improve with hypertonic solutions such as is Sinomarin®. Thus, the natural “cleansing” mechanism of the nose is enhanced.

Thus, Sinomarin® helps decongest & clean blocked noses naturally. Moreover, seawater solutions such as Sinomarin® will help hydrate dry nasal cavities.

It can be said the Sinomarin® has a triple system of action:

Physicochemical - due to the osmosis effect Sinomarin® draws-out excess water, reducing the edema of the nasal mucosa and provides faster and more effective decongestion of the nasal cavity.

Antibacterial - Sinomarin® contains sea water minerals and trace elements that protect from nasal infections, help reduce nasal congestion and have antiseptic and antibacterial properties;

Mechanical - the spray’s delicate mist helps in cleaning the nasal cavity from excess mucous, crusts, dust, debris, pollutants, allergens, germs in a natural way;