What is Sinomarin
 How does Sinomarin work?
 Nasal irrigation & decongestion
 Indications for using Sinomarin
 When should Sinomarin be used


Indications for using Sinomarin

Sinomarin® works alone but can also be used as an adjuvant therapy, in which case Sinomarin® indirectly enhances the action of pharmaceutical nasal treatments (topical corticosteroids, decongestants or antihistamines), helps decrease treatment duration and may lead to reduced intake.

Sinomarin® hypertonic solution is recommended for:

• daily hygiene,
• hydration in dry environments,
• prophylaxis in polluted and dusty environments,
• infectious Rhinitis,
• vasomotor Rhinitis,
• rhinopharyngitis,
• rhinocojuctivitis,
• hypertrophic rhinitis,
• allergic rhinitis,
• rhinitis medicamentosa,
• sinusitis,
• common cold & flu,
• recovery from ENT surgery,
• subjects for whom certain decongestive treatments are
   contraindicated (heart conditions, diabetes, hypertension,
   glaucoma, thyroid or prostatic disease),
• frequent users of nasal decongestants,
• pregnant or breastfeeding women,
• newborns, toddlers, children, adults.

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