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Sinomarin® Plus Algae

A new line of products with Algomer™ Complex –a unique blend of seaweed (algae) components that hold powerful biological properties.
Formulated for nasal use for the first time and covered by an international patent application, Sinomarin® Plus Algae combines the natural decongestant action (osmosis effect) of hypertonic sea water (2.3% NaCl) with the well-documented properties of algal extracts present in Algomer™ Complex, helping to boost natural defenses, limit inflammation and tackle infections. The sum of these properties are vital in the management of symptoms of allergic rhinitis, the common cold and the flu (infectious rhinitis), as well in the post-endonasal surgery setting, amongst others.
Like all Sinomarin® products, Plus Algae line products effectively cleanse the nasal cavities, eliminating impurities, allergens and infectious agents that may lead to, or worsen symptoms.

The new line of products includes:
Sinomarin® Allergy Relief: for the relief from nasal symptoms associated with seasonal or chronic allergic rhinitis, such as blocked or runny nose, sneezing and local irritation.
Sinomarin® Cold & Flu Relief: for the relief from nasal symptoms associated with the common cold and flu such as nasal congestion, sinus pressure and runny nose.
Sinomarin® E.N.T.: to promote recovery following endonasal surgery, relieving nasal congestion while cleansing the nasal cavities thoroughly, helping to protect from secondary infections and complications.

Algomer™ Complex is a unique combination of 100% natural ingredients extracted from two organically-cultured seaweed (algae) species, Undaria pinnatifida and Spirulina platensis. Undaria, rich in fucoidan, is harvested from the most pristine waters of Patagonia in Argentina, and Spirulina, rich in phycocyanin, from the north Brittany coast in France.

Based on numerous scientific studies on a wide-range of conditions, these ingredients have demonstrated multiple powerful biological properties.

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