Seawater & its Richness
 The composition of seawater
 The sea water of Cancale,
 Brittany, France
 The benefits of seawater

The sea water of Cancale,  Brittany, France

Seawater does not remain in one position. Tidal and oceanic currents move great masses of it around the world. As a result, the amounts of trace elements and minerals are not constant and depend on factors such as geographical location, volcanic activity, pollution, etc.

Twice a day, every 6 hours the sea at Cancale, east of Saint Malo in the coast of Brittany, France, is transformed by a glorious force; the beach and the rocks are covered and uncovered by the huge waves. The tides occur every day but there is something particularly special about the Emerald Coast as it has one of the best known tidal ranges in the world. In fact, the tides at the Emerald Coast are considered a unique phenomenon!

The bay of Cancale, together with that of Saint Malo can pride themselves to have one of the greatest Spring tides in Europe, thanks to its geographical position. When the Atlantic Ocean is caught in the bottleneck of the English Channel, the sea waves rush through very quickly and at an extremely great force.

DID YOU KNOW: The tidal range at Cancale and Saint Malo is on average  more than 12 meters!!!

These phenomenal tides constitute sea water of guaranteed quality, which is closely monitored by the French Water Authorities and satisfying the standards imposed by the French Ministry of Health. The water with its constituents is constantly renewed and is thus unquestionably clean.

DID YOU KNOW:   The sea at the cost of Brittany is renowned for its prime-quality, deep-sea cultivation of mollusks (oysters & clams)!!!